Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Gift of ... Everything

     "Pay attention. Just pay attention, and it will become clear. This is so simple. And the Buddha's teaching is that, it's just that! It's this amazing gift of independence. He's saying, 'I'm going to talk to you about this quality of mind, so you can see for yourself what leads to what, what works, what doesn't work. You can see for yourself clearly. You do not have to believe anything, anybody. You can just use that one quality, and then you'll see for yourself.'
     For me, I see it as independence. The Buddha is giving me my independence. He's saying, 'Here Pascal, take this, treat it really carefully, use it well, use it all the time, every time you remember - use it, and you will find for yourself everything that you're interested in.'
     This quality of mind is 'sati' in Pali - we translate it as mindfulness."

Pascal Auclair's excellent (54min) drarma talk: "Mindfulness is Receptive Curiosity"
Saltspring Island, August 2009


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