Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Caring for & Cultivating Life

     “Just as a garden needs to be protected, tended, and cared for, so do ethical integrity, focused awareness, and understanding. No matter how deep our insight into the empty and contingent nature of things, that alone will do little to cultivate these qualities. Each of these areas of life becomes a challenge, an injunction to act. There is no room for complacency …”

         Batchelor S. “Buddhism without beliefs. A contemporary guide to awakening.” Riverhead Books, NY, 1997.

Photo: P. Michael Lovas


  1. I have, for some time been in the "no fear"zone, a direct result of dharma study and practice. This passage resonates with a challenge whispering in my ear: If no fear, then what's keeping me from acting fearlessly?

  2. A powerful open question Geri ...