Sunday, December 2, 2018

Be Still, Listen Deeply ...

     Many of us do not follow meditation instructions - for decades! Instead, the momentum of our lives keeps us ardently striving to escape the reality of this very life!

     “Let’s consider ‘enlightenment’ or ‘wisdom’ to simply mean seeing things as they really are. If you’re setting a goal for things to be different than they are, you have already missed the point.
     The truth is right in front of us at all times. We’re not trying to change it; we’re simply trying to connect to it. This is much less about attaining something, and much more about removing obstacles. When in doubt, simplify. Perhaps the goal can be better understood as a moment of silence. It doesn’t sound as fancy as ‘enlightenment,’ but even one moment of true silence can have a profound impact. When you are truly silent, there are no obstacles between you and the truth. In the space of that moment, what you seek can reveal itself. Just be careful not to attach to that idea either, for the moment you realize you have reached that moment is the moment that you have fallen out of it.” Miguel Chen

      While meditating, “you are not escaping the world; you are getting ready to fully embrace it.” Christine Skarda 

     "Truth is not found by knowledge, it is found by silence." Osho

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