Friday, January 25, 2019

Body-Based Meditation

     By bringing felt awareness into the vertical core of our physical body - breathing awareness into specific spots within & inhabiting our vertical core - can help restore our balance, vitality, health & wholeness.

     “Each part of the internal space of our body has a palpable, distinctive quality. We can feel the quality of intelligence when we inhabit our head. We can experience the quality of our love in our chest, even when we are not actively loving someone or something. We can feel the quality of sexuality and gender within our pelvis. Our personal strength or power has a quality that naturally arises as we inhabit our midsection. And we can even experience the quality of our voice, our potential speak, when we inhabit our throat.
      The emergence of these qualities as we inhabit our body is a potent element of our experience of aliveness. It is also a major aspect of our recovery from trauma

      By inhabiting your body, you CAN :
• recover the internal sources of strength & enjoyment that the traumas in your life have injured. 
gain the expression and feel of your own presence so that you are not intimidated by the presence of others.
feel safe to be open to life, to be receptive.
take back the power of agency that may have been lost when you were overpowered by other people or by devastating events.
become resilient to abrasive sensory stimuli & painful interactions with other people.
feel grounded, rooted to the earth, so you are not easily unsettled. even feel appreciation & compassion for yourself so the responses of your heart and the insights of your own mind are pleasurable.”
         Judith Blackstone. “Trauma and the Unbound Body. The Healing Power of Fundamental Consciousness.” Sounds True, 2018.

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