Friday, December 30, 2011

WHO is afraid?

     "Even if (whatever we fear) is going to attack me, all that it can attack is that which is not me. All that it can harm is the body, the feelings, the perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness. That is the only stuff that can get damaged, and that's not me, that's not self. That which knows of these cannot be touched."     Ajahn Chah
       Amaro Bikkhu "Small boat, great mountain." 2003
     Staying with (acceptance of) the physical sensations of fear, AND witnessing it all objectively (a process Western psychology calls cognitive defusion) is how we "process" or work our way through the fear. We grow out from the clutches of fear (anxiety, chronic pain, etc). All that we fear, worry about, or are otherwise imprisoned by, thus "loose their solidity." We are no longer one with, identified with, or fused to these phantoms of the mind. We may remember "the story", but it's no longer "my drama," for the emotional charge has dissipated. We are free. Our mind-heart is relaxed, free, open. We come home to the stillness and silence - to that which knows.

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