Monday, July 9, 2012

What can and can't I see?

     “the hidden history of the West … can be described as a series of stages by which we obscured the worldly wonders that people in the Homeric Age saw everywhere … To understand this hidden history is to see that this type of engagement with the world is still available to us. It has been marginalized in our culture, to be sure, but it stands ready to be cultivated and revivified.”
        Dreyfus H, Kelly SD. All things shining. Reading Western classics to find meaning in a secular age. Free Press, NY, 2011.

     “For centuries (Tibetans) have envisaged a holy land of their own, invisible or inaccessibly remote. The precise location of this kingdom of Shambala is uncertain … Some even have a notion that Shambala floats in another dimension of time … No word for ‘enemy’ or ‘war’ is known here. Its founding king was taught by the Buddha himself, and as his subjects grew more selfless, so their country faded from human sight.”
        Thubron C. To a mountain in Tibet. Harper Perennial, NY, 2011. 

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