Saturday, August 24, 2013

Preferences, Opinions, & Curiosity

     One Zen master advised his students "Only have no preferences." What does that mean? Can it be that we focus our attention on what we want or don't want, excluding most or all other components of reality?
     Does the recommendation to be curious about what's going on mean the very same thing - to not have preferences, but to be aware of all components of reality
     We have so many disappointments in the run of a day - actually, even hourly. If we focused on the disappointment, we'd summarize all our experience as - well - disappointing. No wonder some folks are sour most of the time.
     However, if we simply DON'T summarize, but remain curious, then our entire experience can't reduce to disappointment, BUT will instead reflect REALITY ie a complex fluctuating mixture of wonderful, mediocre, & lousy fleeting events. If we observe life dispassionately, objectively, with curiosity - all our experiences will be REAL.
     Life is complex, why reduce it to inaccurate, roller coaster terms of fabulous, boring, or horrible - it cannot be reduced to any one of these, because it's a complex mix of ALL of these, ALL the time.

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