Saturday, March 1, 2014

Letting Go of Business As Usual

     We're used to using different programs for different tasks on our computer - web browsers like Firefox to browse the web, word processing programs like Word to write letters, database programs like FileMaker Pro to build databases, etc.
     Likewise, we're used to "wearing different hats" for different roles in our life - we're children to our parents, employees to our boss, parents to our children, bosses to our employees, etc. Each of these roles has a different function or product. We fluidly use different software and fluidly put on different hats (express different subpersonalities) for our different roles in life. These are lateral moves, on the common, horizontal plane.
     As time goes by, new tasks come along, so our programs must to be upgraded. Likewise, our parents suddenly require elder-care, our kids become teenagers, the scope of work our company does expands and with all of these changes come new tasks, for which we need to upgrade our skills. One or a few of these challenges can be met with additional lateral moves, on the horizontal plane.
     However, when our environment changes greatly & abruptly, then we must respond with a much deeper, more profound, qualitatively different change - on the vertical plane. Sadly, many of us, including those who care for our mind-body-spirit, are only able to recognize & navigate the common horizontal plane - completely inadequate for "shipwrecks".

      “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it.” Albert Einstein

     "We need to change the mindsets not just the problem sets”. Jean-Lou Chameau, Dean of Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology

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