Thursday, February 18, 2016

Not Quite It - Keep Letting Go, Opening, Letting Go, Opening, ...

     Our current self-concept & worldview, based on default egoic (personal–verbal, linear discursive) thinking, is not factual. What we think we know about ourselves & the world, is, like all current scientific understanding, is just a paradigm - the best, for now, simplified model of infinitely complex reality.
     Those who have spent decades meditating, contemplating, & embodying wisdom traditions have a surprisingly similar view:

     "We could regard enlightenment as the complete experience of fearlessness. The samsaric kleshas, or conflicting emotions - passion, aggression, and ignorance - are what prevent us from being fully awake. They are the product of the fearfulness of ego, which constantly tries to maintain itself and to run away from any threats that might reveal its non-existence. The Lion's Roar is the proclamation of non-existence that cuts through these conflicting emotions and allows us to experience the indestructible quality of wakefulness."
       Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. "Living the Lion's Roar. How to Practice Fearlessness." Lion's Roar, March 2016.

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