Friday, April 28, 2017

Awareness of Awareness

"Be mindful of how you 'source' your Guidance.

How do you know what is 'right' for you?

Here are some experiments to explore this:

     • Wait until you are hungry and walk into your kitchen and open all the cupboards and refrigerator and stand there listening for, 'What food would most nourish me right now?' Be mindful of how this guidance comes to you - as images ... words ... feelings in your body ... clear knowing ... or in other ways ...

     • Before you get dressed for the day, stand in your room in your underwear ... and listen for how your Guidance comes to you for what to wear today ...

Does your guidance come through analysis ... intuition ... your body ... or some combination of these?

Then, expand this experiment to listening into how you listen for your Guidance in a myriad of other situations in your life, appreciating that Guidance comes through in different ways in different circumstances."

Joel & Michelle Levey

Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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