Saturday, April 1, 2017

What If?

     "The truly undisturbed mind is not a private experience; it is more 'public.' That clear mind is of a single nature, so it is really everyone's mind nature. . . . The pure state of the unborn nature of primordial presence is the same for everyone."
       Kilung Rinpoche

     “How would you live today if you really knew intuitively that the inner dimension of your own deepest knowing / presence / awareness / mindfulness is actually a shared commons with all beings - just as the ocean is a shared commons for all the tossed and turbulent waves?”
       Joel & Michelle Levey

     What if just this - what we perceive, right now is - it
     But to actually experience just this requires that we first release all our ideas about, and other boundaries hiding it.
     How do I live now?

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