Sunday, January 8, 2012

Healing, Growth

"All are nothing but flowers
in a flowering universe."                                Nakagawa Soen-Roshi

     "Healing is the ever-deepening process of bringing together or integrating that which is split or separated in an individual so that all aspects of that individual function as one, in harmony with self and environment."
     Bub B. "Communication skills that heal. A practical approach to a new professionalism in medicine." Radcliffe Publishing, 2006.

     "Growth fundamentally means an enlarging and expanding of one's horizons, a growth of one's boundaries, outwardly in perspective & inwardly in depth. ... Growth is reapportionment; re-zoning; re-mapping; an acknowledgment, and then enrichment, of ever deeper and more encompassing levels of one's own self."
     Wilber K. "No boundary. Eastern and Western approaches to personal growth." Shambhala, 1979.

Rudy Pohl

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