Saturday, January 28, 2012

Intimate engagement

     “True Zen masters live through and through. You can see it in the way they pour tea, place their shoes together outside the meditation hall, walk down the road. You can feel the presence of their intimacy with all things in their undivided way of engaging in any activity their daily lives may bring. There is a vitality in their manner of speaking and in their gestures, no matter how small, that makes it seem that the whole of life has just entered the room. And it has. … this is Zen. It is not something special, to be found exclusively in the meditation hall, but rather it is the aliveness we bring to our everyday lives, the aliveness that is already present within us waiting to emerge.”

     Kwong J. No beginning, no end. The intimate heart of Zen. Harmony Books, NY, 2003.

Photo: Cabowner

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