Thursday, March 14, 2019

Serious Meditation

     Many people try meditation briefly to see what it's about, then move on to other things. A small percentage take meditation much more seriously, and thoroughly explore its depths. 
     Meditation is truly NOT for everyone. We all have different priorities, which change substantially at different stages of our life. We also all have different skill sets. Some people may never be able to meditate for various reasons - because of temperament, or perhaps even biological reasons
     My blogs are meant to inspire ONLY those who ARE interested, ready & capable of meditating seriously.

     “normally for probably all human beings in all cultures, the default state is an ego state. In neurobiology, we know that the default state of most people, where they’re not doing something or actively thinking about something, is a running commentary (‘subconscious gossip’) about themselves and their own life and what’s going on. ... That is like a one-foot layer of debris on top of the ocean of our state of being, and most of us think that who we are is just this incessant thinking and ruminating and grinding away at our issues, obsessions and so on. We have no awareness at all of who we really are in the full sense.
     Mindfulness practice ... means learning to become really present to our state of being. Most of us are distracted most of the time, and through working with mindfulness techniques we learn how to pay attention to our breath, to our body, to our emotions. It’s paying attention and learning to experience things more and more directly rather than through the filter of what we think about things.
     I really want to emphasize that most of us do not have direct experience of life; we don’t even know what it is. Most of us can only experience life through what we think about life. Mindfulness practice ... teaches us to feel our human existence and to be present to it." 
       Reginald A. Ray

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