Monday, October 29, 2012

Dropping the Armor & "Coming out" as Authentic Human Beings

     During a workshop at a recent meeting, a friend and colleague publicly described her difficult life as a vulnerable, fully human being for the first time. This self-disclosure was a very challenging "coming out of the closet" event for her (it had nothing to do with sexuality). So why was this so difficult? Because she's a health-care professional, and members of her profession are typically rigidly armored and pretend to be invincible - ie live "divided lives"!
        Don't most of us fail to relate to each other honestly, as vulnerable humans? Isn't it tragic how we all to some extent try to hide our FEARS by putting on a show of invincibility (armor) and even aggression? Few of us realize that those who look and behave the most stoic or even aggressive are usually frightened, while those with a gentle smile may be the most fearless and resilient among us.
     Each moment of time we spend being armored, we learn to be more heavily armored - and we become less and less sensitive to our own and others' needs. However, each time we "out" ourselves as normal, imperfect (not false modesty, but genuine honesty), we become progressively more genuine AND approachable, inviting human beings.
     Since we're ALWAYS training in one direction or another, should we not choose the direction carefully?

     For more on armoring, see:

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