Sunday, October 7, 2012

How can I, personally, contribute to world peace?

     “We need to start with ourselves. If our minds are filled with anger, and filled with hatred, and filled with jealousy, and filled with envy, and filled with fear, then that’s what we’re contributing to the world. And so our primary responsibility is, through some method or other, through some tradition or other, through some means, to purify our own minds and hearts. And the more people that do that, the less anger, the less fear, the less hatred, the less envy there will be in the world. And so it is encouraging to see, both in this country and in many cases around the world, a kind of renewed interest in meditative techniques of one kind or another that really aim at transforming our own understanding. And that just seems essential. So that’s what we can do on a very personal, individual level.”           Joseph Goldstein

     Above from the excellent full-length (8hrs 24min) 2010 documentary movie "Eastern Mystics - Discovering the Sacred in the Ordinary". The shorter {78min} version is: "With One Voice. Awaken to the Reality that Unites Us All" 

Stars of Dalhousie University's 3rd Annual Mi’kmaq Mawio’mi - A Gathering for All

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