Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Middle Way - between Hair on Fire & Timelessness

     Fear makes us behave compulsively, unconsciously, and thereby cause suffering all around. It's worth seeing "As Good As It Gets" again so we can enjoy a good belly laugh at ourselves - we have a lot in common with Jack Nicholson's character!
     In our youth, didn't we squander time and complained about being bored? I know I wasn't alone feeling that people over 60 were of a different species or planet. Why else is everyone "shocked" by signs & symptoms of their own aging? Living in the fantasy of endless youth, very few of us make wonderful use of our ephemeral youthful energy - that requires wisdom.
     Now that we have a more realistic appreciation of our lifespan, can we seize all fleeting opportunities to intentionally cultivate wisdom? Tejaniya advises continuously cultivating mindfulness - on and off the cushion. We have less (linear) time than we think.

     "Living in the shadow of cancer makes every day action an affirmation of life. I see the importance of accepting death in a non-fearful way and the importance of finding joy in life. For the present I continue to live in a complex world with an uncertain future, the same as everyone else."                        Robert Pope (1956-1992)
Robert Pope Retrospective @ Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Sept 8, 2012 to Jan 13, 2013.
Clock by Robert Pope

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