Friday, September 20, 2013

Grounded, Groundlessness, & Soil in a Jar of Water

     As mindfulness stabilizes, the frequency & clarity of feeling a bit unsure, uneasy, out of control, scared, hungry, homeless, insecure, adrift - what Ezra Bayda brilliantly calls "the anxious quiver of being" - increases. Mindfulness allows us to perceive clearly the nature of human life. Each time we resist the reflexive urge to quickly block out this (accurate but unpleasant insight into the human condition) with treats eg "comfort food", other compensations, distractions, or (false) certainty / (illusion of) control, and instead accept & physically be with & process the physical feel of groundless, as we progressively detach from the gravitational pull of the material world. No, we don't float away, just see ourselves, others, & the rest of reality more clearly - and more kindly!
     Are the soil particles drifting down in the water - or - is the water drifing up, leaving the soil particles below?
     What grounding remains is from empathic connection with our fellow suffering living beings.

     For the Jar of Soil & Water Metaphors see:

The Never Ending Yarn by Kath Kornelsen Rutherford

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