Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fowler’s Six Stages of Faith

     "Fowler’s six stages of faith *** span the spectrum of development from childhood to maturity:
     a) In childhood, faith is based on fantasy & imagination;
     b) in the mythic literal stage, stories are interpreted literally;
     c) at the conventional stage, beliefs tend to be conventional & unexamined;
     d) the individuated reflective stage is characterized by demythologizing and individual responsibility for values & beliefs;
     e) the conjunctive stage, which usually emerges in midlife, involves a recognition of the unconscious and a more paradoxical understanding of truth;
     f) universalizing faith is inclusive of all being and free from ideological shackles.

     Although development does not necessarily progress in a neat, linear fashion from one stage to another, spiritual maturity implies adequately negotiating all these stages of faith. Spiritual experiences may be interpreted very differently by people at different stages of faith."
       Vaughan F. "What is Spiritual Intelligence?" Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 2002; 42(2): 16-33.

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