Friday, November 8, 2013

Out of Fearful Pessimism, We Isolate & Diminish Ourselves

     "The desire and pursuit of the whole is called love."          Plato

     Sadly, "men and women have lost their souls, their belief in their souls, especially in the West. Since the rest of the world is profoundly influenced by the West, the catastrophe is global - and spreading daily.
     By 'lost their souls' I mean that the old and widespread idea of an inherent nobility of humanity, created by a just and benevolent God or Higher Order, and of consequently having the opportunity to live a meaningful life in the world with a purpose beyond survival and sensual gratification, died. Yes, the idea, in its many variations, is still around, but it has lost its vitality and has been totally rejected by many, especially those who are supposed to be 'educated,' and is paid only lip service by millions more. The modern belief is that somehow 'science' disproved the idea of any kind of god or divine order of things, and what we have left is only the material world, with humans as the superior (but badly flawed) dominant animal.
     The results are too obvious: living only for 'Number 1,' a sneering at idealism of any sort, increasing psychopathology, the increasing gap between the rich and the poor nations, and the insane, uncaring destruction of the environment in the frenzied pursuit of material wealth, to name only a few." Charles T. Tart
       Vaughn F. The Inward Arc. Healing in Psychotherapy and Spirituality. Inc, Lincoln NE, 1995, 2000.

Dale Chihuly

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