Thursday, October 9, 2014

Formless Awareness - Sacred Space

     "Sacred space is a place where human beings find a manifestation of divine power, where they experience a sense of connectedness to the universe. There, in some special way, spirit is present to them."
       Peter Knudtson & David Suzuki. Wisdom of the Elders. Stoddart, Toronto, 1992. p123

     "To get a feeling for how formless awareness encompasses all experience, do not move or make any deliberate sound, simply listen to what is already present. What is arising and passing away in this moment? Is the moment the content that is passing through this time frame or the space that holds the content? Get a feeling for each of these. 
     The content is the experiences that are arising: the sights, sounds, smell, tastes, physical sensations, thoughts, emotions, and states of mind - all in movement, luring you into the future through their story and emotional charge. We talk ourselves into the future. 
     The space is the formless awareness of the content, and the space is not in movement. The space heals the content because it will not move with the content and therefore does not encourage a personal narrative. Once the narrative ends, so does the conditioning."
       Rodney Smith. Awakening. A Paradigm Shift of the Heart. Shambhala, Boston, 2014.

Port Williams, Nova Scotia, Canada

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