Thursday, November 27, 2014

No Preferences?

     “Only have no preferences” was the advice repeatedly given by a highly-respected meditation teacher. At first we may just feel that it's an odd statement. Later, if we can hold it as an open question, we may find it puzzling. Then it may become intriguing. Gradually we actually start to "get it" - directly, experientially.
     Just as we can learn to control the rheostat (dimmer switch) of our level of consciousness, we can also learn to seamlessly slide FROM "ordinary mind (totally dependent on external conditions for happiness or suffering) TO awareness (that’s independent of external conditions - "no preferences”). 
     Only WE assign how negatively or positively external conditions will impact our lives. We can just as easily assign the reverse, or none at all. Part of psychological flexibility is examining any situation with curiosity, with “beginner’s mind” INSTEAD OF assigning a characteristic (boring) negative or positive judgment.
     ANY and ALL events in life can energize us to grow & thrive - IF that’s what we choose.
     There’s a continuum between ordinary mind and awareness. Awareness is spacious enough to be able to hold ordinary mind. We can be aware, kindhearted, still, peaceful, joyful AND have low-grade thoughts that no longer intrude & disrupt – as when we’re engrossed in a movie on TV, realize that there’s a newsfeed going by on the bottom of the screen, but we don’t bother reading it, remaining focused on the movie.


Julie DuBose

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