Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ego OR Awareness?

     Irritation, Recognition, Boredom, Interest, Inspiration, Experiencing, or Integrating?
     These possible responses to any aspect of Mindfulness are worlds apart – like "heaven & hell." AND at the same time, each is immediately present right here, right now. Each moment we have the effortless, instant choice of any of these. See:
     We don't consistently live in awareness i.e. don't fully integrate aspects of Mindfulness into our daily life, to the extent that our ego remains in charge of our life. And we suffer in direct proportion. 
     As we become progressively more aware of what's happening within & about us in each moment, we gradually learn to choose thoughts, words & behaviors that are increasingly more skillful ie cause less suffering & greater joy for all.
     When's a good time to start living wisely?

Austin Beahm, National Geographic

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