Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Our True Nature?

     Many of us get impatient, frustrated & angry with the tiresome imperfections of daily living. We dearly want the "death-by-a-thousand-cuts" aspects of life to be over & done with, so we can finally be the way we're meant to be, enjoying an ideal, pleasant existence. 
     BUT we forget that such aversion to real life, and grasping for some theoretical ideal is the basic cause of suffering
     How does life change when we effortlessly shift from our "ordinary mind" - the stressed-out "hurt inner child" operating system, and into our wise, loving operating system? The answer can only be experienced directly for ourselves.
       Loch Kelly. “Shift into Freedom. The Science and Practice of Open-hearted Awareness.” Sounds True, 2015.

     "First things, first. Our coming together is first and foremost to recognize our fundamental nature and realize the ground of being. The only true freedom is to be That, fully in the world. The embodiment of this realization is an extraordinary ordinariness – an expression of seamless wisdom and love. Often there is still a thread that says the ‘me’ is going to get it; the ‘me’ is going to wake up. And it just isn’t true. It actually wakes up out of the ‘me’." 
       Sharon Landrith

      “The teachings we need most are those that will actually strengthen and inspire our practice. It is all very well to receive teachings as high as the sky, but the sky is not that easy to grasp. Start with practices which you can truly assimilate – developing determination to be free of ordinary concerns, nurturing love and compassion – and as you gain stability in your practice you will eventually be able to master all the higher teachings.” 

       Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

“If I create from the heart

nearly everything works … 
if from the head, 
almost nothing.” 
       Marc Chagall

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