Tuesday, May 29, 2018

How Would You Live Today IF ... ?

     Today’s full moon is regarded as the anniversary of the Buddha’s Enlightenment.
     This Awakening is held to have occurred around the 5th century BCE under the Bodhi tree in Bodhgaya, India.
     On his enlightenment at the age of thirty-five in Bodhgaya, the Buddha proclaimed:

          Profound peace, natural simplicity,
          uncompounded luminosity,
          I have found a nectar-like dharma.

     This day also marks the anniversary of the Buddha’s parinirvana — his passing beyond this life. When Buddha lay dying in a forest grove in Kushinigar, surrounded by five hundred of his disciples, he said to them with his last breath: 

          It is in the nature of all things that take form to dissolve again.
          Strive with your whole being to attain complete Awakening.

     On this auspicious day it is held that the effects of positive or negative actions are multiplied ten million times.

     How would you live today if you were awake to the infinite consequentiality of every thought, intention, word, and action that you generate as it ripples out into the universe touching all beings in the most intimate of ways? 

     How would you live this day if you were awakened to the deepest dimensions of your True Being? These deepest dimensions encompass an underlying ground of reality that is shared by all things and all beings -- an inner open dimension of wakeful loving clear presence within all things and all beings in all moments of what we call time.

     May you live with this intimate sense of interbeing and with a heartfelt lovingkindfulness today – and all days.

Joel & Michelle Levey

Loving Awareness

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