Thursday, March 1, 2012


     Healing is discovering and manifesting our connection to self, others, the phenomenal world, and ultimate meaning.

     Connecting to a context greater and more enduring than one’s own life - leads to enhanced meaning and quality of life regardless of physical condition or nearness of death.
     Mount BM, Boston PH, Cohen SR. “Healing connections: on moving from suffering to a sense of well-being.” J Pain Symptom Manage 2007; 33(4): 372-88. 

     “Healing is the central goal of life. I am not speaking of physical healing, a person can die healed: what I mean by ‘healing’ is a shift in our quality of life away from anguish & suffering, toward an experience of integrity, wholeness, & inner peace. … a process of adaptation, a coming to terms with things as they are.”
     Mount BM. “The 10 commandments of healing.” J Cancer Educ 2006; 21(1): 50-1. 

Balfour Mount MD - palliative care physician AND palliative care recipient - on Healing - Parts 1 to 3

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