Friday, March 9, 2012

Perceptual possibilities

     “Perception is not a passive process but rather is an active creation, and the state of the world we perceive reflects the state of mind within us. The range of perceptual possibilities is vast and extends from what can be called paranoia through pronoia and transnoia. With paranoia, we are consumed with anger, project it outward, and see a hostile, terrifying world filled with people conspiring to attack us. With pronoia we see the love and kindness within us mirrored by the people around us, who seem eager to help in whatever ways they can. With transnoia the world and all people are perceived as expressions of the transcendent and as part of a vast plan to awaken and enlighten us. Spiritual practices heal paranoia, and by opening the eye of the soul, they allow us to live and love in pronoia and transnoia.”

       Walsh R. Essential spirituality. The 7 central practices to awaken heart and mind. John Wiley & Sons Inc, NY, 1999.

Photo: Jonathan Griffith

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