Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beyond Concepts

     “… humans, rocks, birds, air, and all beings have the same universal, cosmic life.
     But we ignore the great, vast, and inconceivable life that is, behind our ideas of life and death.
     Instead of being tossed about by our speculations about life and death, we have to take responsibility for our capacity to see inconceivable life.
     The final goal is that your worldly life must merge with inconceivable life through actual realization. Before we conceptualize and separate ourselves from the world, there is something inconceivable. There is already universal, cosmic life. It is why you are alive.
     In the truth of zazen, life and death are merging, moment by moment. And thus, because our lives are supported by all beings through the merging of life and death, we bring forth inconceivable life.”

       Katagiri D. “You have to say something. Manifesting Zen insight.” Shambhala, Boston, 1998.

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