Monday, April 2, 2012

Mind-Heart-Body unity

     For the legendary originator of method acting, Constantin Stanislavski, “rather than being limited to isolated movement, physical actions incorporate the intention by which they are fueled, their purposes, as well as the surrounding circumstances of their manifestation. In short, physical actions encompass all of the emotional and intellectual materials associated with them. In this way, Stanislavski works to overcome the tendency we have in the West to sever the externally active physical body from its interior life of thinking and feeling. His system highlights the inseparability of inner and outer bodily being, and the critical nature of that relationship in authentic enactment.”

       Ladkin D, Taylor SS. Enacting the 'true self': Towards a theory of embodied authentic leadership. The Leadership Quarterly 2010; 21(1): 64-74.

Photo: Koen De Houwer

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