Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Short- vs Long-term Happiness

     IF most of us consistently chose wisely, in favor of long- over short-term happiness, the human race would have evolved spiritually at a remarkable pace - we may all have been fully enlightened LONG AGO. But most of us remain stuck in our rut for long periods of time (lifetimes?). 
     David Hawkins suggests visualizing an enlightened being eg the Buddha or Jesus, in the room with you, whenever choosing between something that can bring short-term gratification ("ego amusement") VS long-term peace and contentment.
     We make these choices constantly. Each one of these choices DIRECTS our individual life, as well as the life of the universe. Every thought, word and act, might be small, but "the butterfly effect" of an individual, multiplied by billions of people ...

David R. Hawkins MD, PhD - 2005 interview (55min)

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