Friday, May 25, 2012

Concepts of Self

     “The image of flowing water rather than a tray of ice cubes captures well the existentialist conception of identity.
     Existentialism recognizes selfhood as a more or less managed process of self-creation based on the interaction of choices (human agency) and the social context in which such agency occurs (culture and structure). This is a matter of maintaining what is referred to as ‘ontological security’. This term refers to the important need to maintain a sense of security in a context of constant change and potential threat. Ontological security is what is lost when, at times of experiencing a major loss or a trauma, we lose our sense of who we are.”
     Thompson N, Pascal J. “Reflective practice: an existentialist perspective.” Reflective Practice 2011; 12(1): 15—26.

     Buddhism, and perhaps other non-dual wisdom traditions, has a more challenging perspective on "self": enlightened practitioners experience that there is no solid, abiding, unchanging self. The advice is not to worry about this, it can't be grasped through intellectual analysis alone. The realization comes on its own, when we're ready for it.

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