Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stories of Me, Myself and I

     Stories we create are fascinating and constantly changing - hopefully evolving in a healthy direction.
     The "story of me" is considered to be an attempt to create a solid sense of self, "a storyline" within linear time. Such stories can be helpful if they inspire eg how we overcame obstacles in the past, or handicapping if we rigidly hold onto an image of ourselves as helpless victims.
     Stories, like memories, vary greatly in accuracy. Always arising in the present, both are strongly influenced by present inputs (needs, problems etc), not to mention plain old forgetfulness.
     Neither an abiding solid self, nor continuous linear time are supported by meditative experience (nor apparently by advanced physics). Instead, our self-concept and worldview appear to be paradigms - temporary simple models - of life, and how best to relate to it. It is the nature of scientific paradigms to be regularly replaced ie upgraded when additional data helps create a more accurate paradigm that better approximates complex reality.
     For a sense of agency, a self-concept is expedient, but it is more a verb than a noun, more a fluid process than a solid entity, more of an opening ...
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