Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Diet, Health & Spiritual Life

     “In the profoundest sense, health is more than a matter of eating the right kind and quantity of food. We are nourished or depleted just as much by our thoughts as by proper quantities of proteins, calories, and vitamins. A mind feeding on lust or greed or revenge or despair or anger will poison the most nutritious food, leaving the body-mind vulnerable to disease. In the end, without zen, which purifies the heart, clarifies thought, and invigorates the body, macrobiotic diets, sattvic diets, all diets, are deficient.”

       Young-Eisendrath P, Martin R, eds. “Awakening to Zen. The teachings of Roshi Philip Kapleau.” Shambhala, Boston, 1997.

Winter Apples by Kristiina Lehtonen

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