Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Openness - Having No Opinions

     To what extent can we drop the past, drop the future, and be completely open to the unfolding mystery of the present moment?
     "Only have no opinions" was one meditation master's single advice to his students. If you get rear-ended hard on the highway, what impact does your opinion or expectation of whiplash injury have on future symptoms? If you're sure you're going to have severe problems, isn't it almost certain to come true? If you're desperately hoping you won't have any problems, isn't there a part of you that thinks you will? Isn't the most accurate AND healthy attitude about how your back will be, quite simply: "I DON'T KNOW?"
     Why pollute the future? Can we learn to flow with the dynamic mysterious complex interactive process that is life?

Sprouts by Kristiina Lehtonen   http://www.kristiinalehtonen.fi/index_en.php

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