Saturday, January 26, 2013

Who am I? What is this? How do I fit in? What to do?

     “Be attentive to the wordless teachings of Nature. Sense your place in the great Web of Life. Reach out with your spirit to the living world that sustains you. Transcend your separate identity and allow a ‘knowing’ of the ‘Whole’. As Black Elk says:

     ‘Peace comes within the souls of men when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the centre of the Universe dwells Wakan Tanka, and that this centre is really everywhere, it is within each of us.’

     Open your heart to the Great Mystery of life that may be appreciated, but never solved.”

        Freke T, Wa’na’nee’che’. “Thorsons Principles of Native American Spirituality.” HarperCollins, San Francisco, 1996. 

Photo: tourist-at-home

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