Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Insight Dialogue - Guidelines for Kinder, more Mindful way of Relating

Trust Emergence
Listen Deeply
Speak the Truth

     "These 6 instructions provide the scaffolding for Insight Dialogue. … essential support for awakening amid the rich challenges of interpersonal encounter. Each guideline calls forth different qualities, and all of them are complementary. In brief,  

Pause calls forth mindfulness; 
Relax, tranquility and acceptance; 
Open, relational availability and spaciousness; 
Trust Emergence, flexibility and letting go; 
Listen Deeply, receptivity and attunement; and 
Speak the Truth, integrity and care."

       Kramer G. “Insight dialogue. The interpersonal path to freedom.” Shambhala, Boston, 2007. 

Insight Dialogue retreats: http://metta.org/insight-dialogue-3/

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