Saturday, April 6, 2013

Open Mind-Heart, Openness Everywhere ...

     “The open mind, just knowing, is not caught. It is receptive and non-clinging. Our self-concerns are not so total and compelling. As self-concern quietly drifts away, opening becomes more complete. Complete internal opening unfastens the portal within to the unconscious, the ground of being, silence, and love. Complete external opening is universal extension and what some may call contact with the divine. In full completion there is no boundary between these two. The mind is wide like the sea. The particulars of experience are empty of substance; they are known as change itself. When the subject-object split disappears, looking outward and looking inward are the same. All phenomena share the quality of openness – the heart has opened fully outward and encompassed the inner; the heart has opened fully inward and encompassed the universe. The only boundary was the sense of self, which we find is an illusion, a by-product of stress. Eliminate the illusion and there is only being, ‘experiencing experience’ … All that remains is the purring engine of presence, which is awareness itself.”

        Kramer G. “Insight dialogue. The interpersonal path to freedom.” Shambhala, Boston, 2007.

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