Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rewards, Congruence, Energy, Choosing Meditative Equipoise

     The energy associated with ordinary striving ("doing") to obtain transient (mainly external) rewards has an addictive pull, yet at the same time, an unsatisfying, shallow, cheap (fast-food-like) quality to it. By default, we fall forward into this energetically, in our heads so to speak.
     Congruence has a qualitatively different energy. There's no addictiveness, no pull (stillness), it's entirely satisfying, and has a deep, precious, timeless, at-home "being" quality. By choice, we can always lean back into this energetically (in our head-space) - 'the backward step' - as if we were in sitting meditation, yet this fully includes active life, with mind-heart kept open, radiating warmth, in meditative equipoise.
Photo Sonia

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