Monday, July 8, 2013

Directly Knowing Experience Moment-to-Moment

     When Larry Rosenberg was very sick with dysentery in Burma, and everything that could had already been done medically, he was encouraged by Mahabu (his meditation teacher), to see if he could use this illness as practice.
     “He advised Larry to practice with the experiences just as they are, drop the words fever, dysentery, and so on. Let those go, and stay with the direct moment-to-moment experience that you’re having – sensation and feelings being known. Explore (though it may at times be hard). When he did, he noticed it was extraordinary – quite amazing what a difference it made being really open to the process, moment-to-moment
     Larry said that when he was labeling things and putting concepts on them, they seemed to get worse. But when he dropped that and got into the direct knowing, the direct experience, it didn’t get worse, and in fact at times there was a lot of calm and a lot of joy. He could see things come and go. Unpleasant? Yes, but they were arising and ceasing.”
       Sky Dawson 2013-05-17 "Reflections On Aging, Sickness and Dying"


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