Sunday, October 27, 2013

What Drives Behavior?

     Are we not "driven" or "feel compelled" to do things at times? How do we feel physically / emotionally in these instances? Do we feel an ache in the heart, a hunger in the belly, a generalized restlessness, feeling lost & needing to return home, emptiness desiring fulfillment, incompleteness desiring completion or wholeness, dividedness desiring a sense of undividedness?
     As we become increasingly aware of our body as a physical reality, we're surprised at how frequently the above unpleasant physically-felt sensations actually drive our behavior.
     Can we recognize these physical sensations, accept them, let them go, bring awareness back to the present moment, and deal appropriately with what's in front of us? Appropriately means letting go of the compulsive component! Appropriately means letting go of "me, myself & I" - the clamorings of the ego.  Appropriately means approaching the present moment from equanimity, stillness, silence, wisdom. When coming from this place, we don't feel "driven" or "compelled" at all - when we act, it's a natural response to just what each situation requires - no big deal. THIS is HOME.


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