Sunday, October 20, 2013

Facts to Contemplate, Often - Accepting Reality

     "These are five facts that (the Buddha) said 'ought to be often contemplated upon by everyone - whether man or woman, householder or monk':

     • I cannot avoid aging.
     • I cannot avoid illness.
     • I cannot avoid death.
     • I cannot avoid being separated and parted from all that is dear and beloved to me.

     • The only thing I control is my actions.

     Illness is a natural consequence of being in a body. And yet, in the chronic-illness community (which numbers over 130 million people in the United States alone), it's a commonly held conviction that illness is the fault of the person who is sick. Indeed, the belief that illness is unnatural - literally, going against nature - is shared by many in the population as a whole."          Toni Bernhard

     Shambhala Sun, November 2013

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