Friday, October 4, 2013

Concept of Time - only Smile & Wonder

     As a kid, (in the late 1950's) I experienced "endless summers" - as if summer would never end - I was suspended in timelessness. Suddenly, in my 60's, time flashes by silently.
     Starting sitting meditation, at times we agonizingly wait for the bell to end the sitting, sometimes with sweat & tears pouring from us. Later, at times, an hour feels like less than a minute, and a few days of meditation are the gentlest blink of an eye. 
     Linear time? - a subjective fantasy - not to be reified - only smile & wonder

     How would I do THIS - were this one act to last forever - stretching into infinity? What attitude, what posture, what love, how much would I devote to THIS one split second in TIME - if this millisecond lasted for ALL ETERNITY?

     "good poets remind us that heaven abides in that which surrounds us." Christopher Martin

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