Monday, October 21, 2013

Self Concepts - Sense of Momentum or Movement, Magnetic Push or Pull

     Why do we cling so tenaciously to dysfunctional habits? And why do we instinctively avoid behaving in a mature, evolved, ethical manner ie wisely?
     We're conditioned to automatically obey a felt pull towards or push away from people, things or activities. We are used to allowing ourselves to be swept up by the momentum of this pull or push. See:
     We (mistakenly) assume that this is natural, that "we're being ourselves." Consider for a moment that in order to feel a magnetic force or momentum, there must first be a stable physical entity - a solid, enduring, physical "self." This (fictional) "solid self" is what we're actually attempting to cling to. Egocentricity (self-centeredness) is literally a primitive, self-preserving instinct. The instinct is natural & automatic, we (still) have it, but it's literally designed & suited for animal life.
     Human beings, especially in our current complex highly integrated & interdependent society, must NOW intentionally accelerate the evolution of their consciousness from egocentric to allocentric & ecocentric. Civilized life is not at all about "me, myself & I," but about living in community. We must learn to become hypo-egoic before we completely destroy each other and our planet.


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