Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Polishing the Mirror Bright, & Beyond

     "'constructionists' argue that all experience, including mystical experience, is constructed from & filtered through a variety of inescapable personal & cultural experiences...

      Yet this may be only part of the story

     At the very highest reaches of meditation, transcendent experiences of a wholly different kind, radically discontinuous from all that have gone before, are said to occur. … Here descriptions & comparisons fail! For these experiences are said to be ineffable, indescribable, beyond space, time, and limits of any kind.  
     In the words of the Third Zen Partriarch: 
          To this ultimate finality 
          no law or description applies…. 
          The more you talk and think about it 
          the further astray you wander from the truth."

       Walsh R, Vaughan F eds. Paths beyond ego. The transpersonal vision. Penguin Putnam Inc, NY, 1993.

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