Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Work of This Moment - Clear & Simple

     "Toni Packer ... had a passionate intensity about what she called 'the work of this moment,' which she described as 'a profound kind of listening and openness that revealed the intense power and momentum of our human conditioning,' along with the discovery of 'an inner / outer silence - stillness - spaciousness in which there is no sense of separation or limitation, outside or inside.'
     Toni's insight and expression cut through all forms of self-deception with remarkable clarity and simplicity. She was interested in listening and looking without answers or formulas, without relying on the authority of the past. Everything she said was fresh because she always spoke and wrote out of a listening presence that was vibrantly alive."

       Tollifson J. A Questioning Life. Buddhadharma: A Practitioner's Quarterly. Winter 2013.

Steve McCurry

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