Thursday, January 16, 2014

Key Ingredient - "If I Could Only Bottle It"

     Laziness! Isn't it a common wish to "bottle" a transcendent feeling we might have briefly, maybe once in a lifetime, and that may have occurred only after many years of struggle & failure? Maybe the hope for such a peak experience is the allure of recreational drugs - yet drug-induced experiences apparently only have a magical quality the first time.
     The hard lesson seems to be that life cannot be reduced. We may look for happiness in some tiny fragment of life, yet this very process is misguided & leads to suffering. Our fulfillment is the ENTIRETY of life - the "full catastrophe" - the entire process of living to be embraced as a whole. Likewise, the goal we seek by sitting in meditation IS our state of being in the process of sitting meditation. This same all-embracing wholehearted process is to be lived on & off the cushion. We transform our life, not by a pill or some trick, but ........ BY TRANSFORMING OUR LIFE.
     "It's all hidden in plain sight!"

The Dream by Odilon Redon

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