Saturday, March 21, 2015

Finding Our Way Home

     “When sitting in meditation, you may have strange experiences or visions such as seeing lights, angels, or buddhas. When you see such things, you should observe yourself first to find out what state the mind is in. Do not forget the basic point. Pay attention. Do not wish for visions to arise or not to arise. 
     If you go running after such experiences, you may end up babbling senselessly because the mind has fled the stable. When such things do come, contemplate them, do not be deluded by them. You should consider that they are not yourself; they too are impermanent, unsatisfactory, and not yourself. 
     Though they have come about, do not take them seriously. If they do not go away, re-establish your mindfulness, fix your attention on your breathing, and take at least three long inhalations and exhalations – then you can cut them off. 
     Whatever arises, keep re-establishing your attention. Do not take anything as yourself – everything is only a vision or a construction of the mind, a deception that causes you to like, grasp, or fear. When you see such constructions, do not get involved. 
     All unusual experiences and visions are of value to the wise person but harmful to the unwise. Keep practicing until you are not stirred by them.”

       Kornfield J, Breiter P. “A still forest pool. The insight meditation of Achaan Chah.” Quest Books, Wheaton IL, 1985.

      “Your true home is wakefulness. Go home!”            Ashin Tejaniya

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