Friday, April 3, 2015

Buddhist Perspective Regarding Other Religions

     "Buddhists have always believed that the same enlightenment or liberation that is found in Buddhism can also be found in other religions. In other religions these enlightened people are sometimes referred to as mystics. For example, Saint Teresa of Avila who was a Christian or Rumi who was a Moslem or Isaac Luria who was a Kabbalistic Jew are all examples of non-Buddhist enlightened people. Enlightenment is also found in the shamanic tradition of tribal peoples in Africa, Native America and the native cultures of the Pacific Ocean. Since enlightenment can be found by any person who looks within, as a Buddhist I am not so interested in convincing people to become Buddhists. 
      But I am interested that they become Buddhas (enlightened people). One way to become a Buddha is to practice Buddhism. Another way is to participate in the mystical core of whatever religion you now follow ... Christianity, Judaism, Islam and so forth."
      Shinzen Young

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