Friday, April 15, 2016

Our Capacity to Observe

     "If we look at or analyze the various components that comprise what we call our individual consciousness; we will discover thoughts, concepts, beliefs, story-making, preferences, tendencies, images, memories, imagination, sensations, self-images, sense of identity and various other psychological phenomena.
     All of these mental factors are individually dependent on multiple prior factors and conditions. And each one of those are themselves dependent on multiple prior factors and conditions. All of these conditioned mental factors are what make up our 'karmic' dream-like trance called samsara.
     However there is one exception in consciousness that is itself not dependent on any previous factors or conditions; and that is our capacity to 'observe'. Observation requires none of the above mentioned mental and psychological components.
     The capacity to observe is always pure, unconditioned, thought-free and pristine. All other aspects of mentation are dependent, conditioned and constructors of our delusions. 
     By differentiating this capacity to observe, from ALL the other mental and psychological phenomena, our true, permanent refuge is actualized in every observing moment.
     Being the 'observing' exclusively in experience, will cause it's intrinsic treasures of wisdom, bliss and unconditional love to naturally arise and manifest in ever wider arcs of compassionate resonance for the benefit of all."   Jackson Peterson

Salt Marsh by Susan Paterson

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