Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Blues - As Good As It Gets? Really??

     It can take a painfully long, long time - and some of us never really get it: it's not about being rescued, saved, or completed by anyone or anything out there.
     Each one of us, individually, needs to fully discover, directly experience who / what we actually are. However with our common personal-verbal level of consciousness, we can only grossly underestimate:!Two-Levels-of-Consciousness/c17jj/56f14e0c0cf266a292561f27
     The blues - even the wonderful Mary Gauthier's (below) - seems to be about the seemingly endless futile struggle to find happiness, wholeness, perfection, outside of ourselves. No wonder so much of the blues is about all sorts of doomed, broken escape routes - booze, drugs, gambling etc. 
     We need to see clearly, accept & have compassion for this deluded aspect of our shared human life. But we need to grow bored, sick & tired of wallowing, and break through to the other side of this ...


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